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Our Viking graphic novel is finally here.

LORE OF THE HAVAMAL, a full color graphic novel, written by Jouni Koponen, Ethan McQuerrey and me, colors by Dee Cunniffe.

We take a look at Viking lore and an alternate timeline of Ragnarok, as told to us by a bartending Odin (along with his ghost ravens)

This started as a project for Follow The Vikings as a way to get younger generations interested in visiting the Northern lands.

We now have a small amount of these books for sale, and I will sign them in silver or gold sharpie! 

a snippet from an interview I did on the book w/Justin @Monkeys vs. Robots:

Q: What and/or who are your biggest influences, in any and all mediums and genres, going into telling this old tale in a new way?


A: For this project, Jouni and I talked it out in great detail, and tried to stick closely to the outline we originally pitched. A few things had to change here and there as in any collaboration. I always love a bar atmosphere as storytelling vehicle, this has been going on since forever, people gathering in a space to hear the tales of times gone by. 

Obviously, Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman are huge comic influences on me, and I collect old House of Mystery comics, I love a host talking us through a story.

Q: A really cool note I wanted to talk about was the Follow The Vikings Project and how your use of Edda literature in Lore of the Havamal. How did your interest in this project start and how did you come to use it for this graphic novel?

 A: My husband Drew and I are ex-roadies, we have travelled with many different bands, across the world. He was in Iceland with the Deftones, and was reading me an Asatru passage from a book on the Havamal, and it got me thinking about how that could be woven in as an educational thread. 

Jouni was able to elevate the concept with his incredible art.



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