Super CABAL T- Shirt

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Another beautiful Jouni-Koponen design...this time it's Super Cabal.

Cabal was Neil's faithful friend, his rescued white German Shepard, now dearly departed.

That dog was canine royalty.

ah, Cabal, you sweet sweet doggy.

we made a full-color on black tshirt in his honor, out of an image drawn by our hero Jouni Koponen who also drew Neil's sold-out SAUCERS print and still-in-stock CONJUNTIONS.

a chunk of the profits raised from this T-Shirt will go to VALLEY OF THE KINGS, who rescue and care for abused animals.

They have saved many wolf brothers, sort of cousins to Cabal. We are trying to raise money to sponsor Socrates and Obie, tigers who have been saved from a lifetime of misery and neglect. Valley of the Kings is home to approximately 50 animals: lions, tigers,  llamas, lynxes, cougars, dogs, exotic birds, burros, bengals, pigs, horses, even a camel! They are not a state funded institution, they depend on the kindness of us humans.  See more info on this amazing refuge at


Available in girly sizes L and XL, and

in unisex sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL.


we will include this 4" x 6" full-color sticker with any of the Cabal shirts!