Sticker/Bookmark Set (9 stickers & 2 bookmarks) SOLD OUT!!!

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this is a pack of nine stickers and two bookmarks, full-color & black and white.

WILL SHIP THESE FREE WITHIN THE UNITED STATES. that's right, i said free. Zero dollars. No yen. Nada the kronars. 
Anywhere else in the world, send me an email and we can work it out.


1. from American Gods: Analog girl in a Digital World, where will the QR scancode take you?
(sticker measures 4" x 4")

2. from Coraline: (drawn by the wonderful Christopher Salmon of The Price fame)
Cats don't need names, as they definitely know who they are!

(sticker measures 4" x 6")

3. from @Neilhimself's twitter feed: some of the best life advice ever, Dream Dangerously! (sticker measures 4" x 6")

4. from the imagination of @Jouniac, Finland's own Jouni Koponen's version of SuperCabal, Neil's majestic white German shephard and constant companion. (sticker measures 4" x 6")

5. from American Gods: a full-color sticker drawn by Jouni Koponen, Finnish genius, who substitutes runes for the stars on Old Glory. One of my favorite designs in the Neverwear world. (sticker measures 4" x 10")

6. from Anansi Boys: the poor little lime who doubled as a diamond, it was just doing the best it could.(sticker measures 2" x 6.5")

7. Neil's razor-sharp take on high-stakes obsession: Jouni's dreamy SAUCERS print made sticker size.
zombies and drunken angels stumble around on a 4" x 10" portable sticker.

8. from the delicate mind of David Mack, Neil's WORDS OF FIRE tattoo poem. sticker measures 4" x 6"

 9. to celebrate ALL HALLOW'S READ, a 4" x 6" sticker of two teensy scared skeletons listening to a spooky story in the dark woods. fab art by Ayesha Rubio.    (more info:

10. also ALL HALLOW'S READ, the bookmark from Sean Von Gorman, a tiny trick or treating Neil gets a book!

11. from Anansi Boys: the poor little lime who doubled as a diamond, it was just doing the best it could.

(bookmark measures 2" x 6")