Postcard Set plus

Postcard Set plus "Neil's writing-advice" clicky pen

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So many of you lovely readers asked for us to make a card out of the David Mack "Wish" print that we released last year. 

We listened...

Happy to announce a postcard set of these three print runs:

I Will Write in Words of Fire illustrated by David Mack

Words of Hope illustrated by Chris Riddell

New Year's Wish illustrated by David Mack

the 4" x 6" postcard packs are available in either:

4 each of these three designs to equal 12 cards.


12 each of the New Year's Wish only.

either set comes with this great new clicky pen, with black ink & good advice included.

Neil always reminds me "finish things" when writing...and so I put it on a pen to remind you too.

We are offering free shipping on this one- as a thank you to you!

(ps. if you want a different variant of the cards- say 10 wishes and 2 Fires-- just drop me a note in the comments section of the order! or write me here:

Also, please note that, since we are offering free shipping on this item, please include a shipping address (if different from your billing address) in the notes section of your order.