SOLD OUT!! Writer's Kit #7 Chance to win a signed by Neil notebook!

SOLD OUT!! Writer's Kit #7 Chance to win a signed by Neil notebook!

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Here it is, Neverwearians!!

Number seven in our Writer's Kit series features one of these beautiful pins which have been commissioned to celebrate Neil and Terry's much anticipated Good Omens series which is coming to Amazon/BBC in 2019. Available in both an angelic white & silver and a devilish black & gold, it’s time to choose your side – The End is Nigh!

Also included are a new white version of our popular ballpoint pens, 6 new Neil's 8 Rules on Writing postcards, 6 new Imagination cards, illustrated by David Mack and the official Neverwear notebook!!  11 of these lovely note-collectors have Neil's iconic signature inscribed on the front by his own hand! (they will be randomly inserted in the kits, so you may win one)

We have a limited number of these beautiful enameled pins, so come and get them!

(**hint hint, go to our Facebook page as we are going to put up a discount code for today/tomorrow Nov 24/25, 2018

ALSO **if you are in the UK and just want the pins, go to the Discworld site:

Oh, and one more thing: A portion of the proceeds from this item will be donated to the Ventura County Humane Society to help with relief efforts for the animals in the areas stricken by the Woolsey Fire.  Our hearts break for them. Donate here at