78 pc. Tarot Deck designed by Steven Archer: Apophenia!

78 pc. Tarot Deck designed by Steven Archer: Apophenia!

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Our dear friend, artist/musician Steven Archer has designed a beautiful tarot deck.



in Steven's words: 

I named the deck "Apophenia" after the term  for "seeing recognizable data in random noise." Like the face on Mars, the rabbit in the moon or finding recognizable shapes in the stars. 

Anyone familiar with my work will know that I love creating environments where the viewers brain is left alone to do its whole "connection machine" thing. I love the idea of using random generators such as the Tarot or I-Ching as a way of finding starting points for creating art. My hope is that with this deck I can create something that is both a beautiful collection of images, but is also respectful to the long tradition of the Tarot. 

Do I think you can use the cards to predict your future? No more so than any other form of divination. 

(Cat's note: but man, it is good for the brain to exercise)

www.egolikeness.com for more info and music from Donna & Steven!