TWO POSTERS: Neil's 8 Rules for Writing poster PLUS Neil by Allan Amato poster

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2 poster prints for one price--

a limited edition 18" x 24" poster of our Dream King, mister Neil Gaiman.

Photograph by  ALLAN AMATO, premiere photographer to the stars, this is the very same photo that graces the slip cover of the new edition of AMERICAN GODS. I love this photo of Neil, he will watch me from my wall...
and perhaps murmur both writing and cooking advice while I sleep...

Neil poster is hand-stamped with the official Neverwear seal.
It will arrive to your shipping address cloaked in magic and heavy on the intrigue.
People will want to talk to you.....

Neil's 8 Rules for Writing poster-print from Biting Dog Press illustrated by the fabulous Keith Morrison. size: also 18" x 24"

(these are all signed by the artist KM in silver sharpie--**although not signed by NG though-- I can't keep up with that moving blur of a man)

they ship in a bullet-proof kraft tube... which you can use for a robot arm if you spray-paint it silver, after you've framed up your new piece!