40% off site-wide SALE! until Sunday night midnight PST

hello my friends,

we put a sale up, you don't have to use a code, or actually even know about the sale, as it will automatically deduct 40% off ANYTHING you buy over the weekend.

We even retroactively refunded a few orders that came in before we put up the sale.

So, for example DESERT WIND limited edition print at $22.95 will become $13.77 on the sale pricing table! We are getting ready for some new items, so cleaning out some space before discontinuing certain prints. 

Happy fireworks (none here in LA, we are sad but understand)

Thanks for all your support! 




  • Ugh I just found this sight bummer. I hope you have another sale soon!

  • Oh no I missed the sale! I even had items in my cart but life distracted me and I forgot to processmy order… any chance there might be another sale in the near future that I could look forward to?


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